Ah, the elevator pitch, yes?

I’m Sarah. I’ve been designing for as long as I can remember. I would consistently change my handwriting as a child to convey how I felt at that particular moment in time. Type speaks. The importance of typography is the main reason I was initially drawn to Graphic Design. The rest fell into place. Most don’t realize how impactful good typography can be and how it does get under your skin without even realizing it. Even people who aren’t designers are impacted by amazing design on the daily. Letters are innately beautiful and only a handful of Millennials with Adobe CC know how to properly Kern. Pardon. I’ll continue fighting the good fight, the rest is history.

8+ years experience [ In-house, agency + freelance ]

2 years management [ Intern designers ]

Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences [emphasis in Graphic Design + Typography]

Clients that have forever influenced me

Sundance Institute // Sundance Film Festival 2019

CBRE [ Commercial Real Estate ]

The Fiction Tribe [ Digital Ad Agency ]

Bella Vado Avocado Oil [ Culinary oil producer ]

adaptable Skills that have no expiration date

Adobe [ ID, AI, PS, XD, DW + LR]

Typography [ Experimental, editorial + layout ]

Environmental [ Way-finding, placemaking + large scale signage ]

Branding [ Logo Development, brand system + Website ]

Illustration [ hand rendered, digital + iconic systems]

Sundance Film Festival


High volume wayfinding & environmental signage. Redesign of shuttle stop wayfinding & transit maps.



Request for Proposal Book Presentations for San Diego Client Base

Stinson Wine Co.


Packaging, branding + logo development for a wine company based out of Petaluma, California.

Descent Snowboards

Branding, campaign + editorial.

Bella Vado
Avocado Oil


Branding, packing + paper systems for a culinary company based out of San Diego, California.


USA pears & Washington Apples

Digital & print collateral created for a few fruit companies in the U.S.

Print & Editorial

Compilation of paper systems, signage + collateral completed on a freelance and design studio basis.

Logo Development


Compilation of logos I've designed on both a freelance + agency basis.

Sacred Soul Gems Packaging & Branding

A complete branding, packaging + paper system.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises



Infographics, branding, packaging & layout.

Mission Brewery


A label Collaboration I did with a brewery based out of San Diego, California.

*Photo Credit Mission Brewery