Digital collateral created with an outside the box approach. Kept within strict brand standards + still being recognizable as something within the brand. 
All clients are within the technology sector.


Ebook layout, Infographic + Cover Campaign Series 

VMware 3D Robot Collaboration (2015)

A huge collaboration with the team. We 3D designed a robot for VMware, and arranged with printers to create over 3 thousand robots, that we also ironically hand painted. I created packaging and box conception to house the model.


Cisco iWan Ebook Layout + Infographic (2016)

Cisco wanted to create collateral that reflected transformation and modernization of data protection. iWan is a branch of data security through traffic control. I used the imagery of buildings because they evoke stability and security and are a physical resource, just as Cisco wanted to promote iWan - tangible. I used brand fonts and colors but gave them a modern approach to update the look and feel of otherwise lengthy, statical information.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Cover Campaign (2016)

HPE is well known for a thick green outline rectangle as their identity. I used it overlapping and going behind aspects of imagery to create movement and depth in the composition.


VMware Lightrail Poster Campaign (2016)

I wanted to create something Edgy and boundary pushing for VMware. It feels and looks like tech but is a more modern and visually appealing approach to VMware’s brand.