2019 Sundance film festival

My largest, most cohesive project to date. In 2.5 month span, I alone designed 1,500 signage and environmental pieces that went through not only corporate approval but also sponsor approval. Each their own unique piece of art. This was no easy feat, and I spent most of my sleepless nights designing just about until my hands fell off. I created a way-finding system throughout the festival to guide and direct patrons. We’ve made a loud departure from last year’s refined, minimal branding. This is a relentless creative endeavor engaged in boundary pushing modern grid systems, experimental typography and gritty overlaid textures. That being said, signage is a means to communicate pertinent information clearly. While the designs are bold, they compliment surrounding environmental graphics creating a unique experience throughout the entirety of the festival.

There are many different facets and exhibitions to the festival and while this page does not capture the entirety of the work I did ( wow, you’d be scrolling forever if I did that to you). This from a wide angle, encompasses the body of work I created.

  • please note this section is developing as the festival is still underway!

Photography Credit: Isabel Borges, Nick Sammons, Kelly Mason, KSL. Banner photography credit: Ryan Kobane

SLC Airport Information Booth T1 & t1

Environmental Pieces designed for the Salt Lake City International terminals at baggage claim. Probably some of my favorites out of the bunch.

New Frontier

New frontier is the Virtual Reality + Augment Reality exhibitions displayed during the festival. NF has it own branding that relates to what SFF19 was but also makes a departure from the festival branding to give the patrons a unique experience that is New Frontier.

In the month of January, I created these assets in a matter of days, their order were submitted within roughly a week of the festival. To say the least, these were probably the quickest batch of designs I produced but the quality is certainly not sacrificed. I remember waking up at 4:30 in the morning to get these designs out into the world before I even made it into the office.

One of the largest pieces I created are two sponsor walls that spanned over 200 inches. My team and I even spent the night before the festival installing. We pulled it off.


NF Signage & Environmental


SFF 2019 General info signage

General information signage encompasses one of three way-finding categories. This includes around 60% of all color signage at the festival. The pieces ranged from 6x9 table tents, to 33x78 pop up banners to AGAM Information booths.

The conception of way-finding came in early stages. I decided to use a two color-way to denote the differences in signage. This category utilized the Cyan and Yellow from brand.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 11.03.55 PM.png

SFF19 Event signage

The second category of signage is event signage. I chose to use a secondary pink accent color to the yellow throughout the entire system. This ties the event signage into the general info signage while still keeping them their own separate entities.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 3.57.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 11.23.43 PM.png

Transportation wayfinding

The second category of signage, included the shuttle stop signage and transit maps. Both of which I completely tore down and redesigned from the ground up. I chose to use the two color way to denote this category of wayfinding but kept it very simple because the bus routes already had color assigned to them.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.27.22 PM copy.png


2019_Festival Atmosphere_Talyn Behzad_5110.JPG